My Best Friends Are Now Godmothers !

Just today, my best friends Anna & Kalliroi became godmothers of their baby cousin. The gave her 2 beautiful names: Lamprini – Xaritomeni. I’m so happy about them ! As we say in Greece: ΑΞΙΕΣ !

– DS


And Our Time Is Running Out

Today, when I woke up, I was looking to my clock next to my bed for 10 minutes. I was watching it moving so fast, but the same time so slow. Then, I remembered that when I was younger, I was doing the same thing: stared at the clock and watching the time passing.

That’s the point I thought the years which passed since I was little girl and now I’m almost 16. In 2 years I’m finishing school and probably I’ll study architecture, as I want to. 16 years have already passed and I still feel that every second that passes, something reaches more and more its end…Is it my life ? Or is it my teenage, which means the conclusion of my personality ? Or is it something that it finishes before it starts ?

The only thing that I can think of right now, it’s a song by Muse called «Time Is Running Out» and it seems to be the perfect answer to my questions…

We can’t give up something we love, so we continue fighting for it…

– DS

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