On 8th of October, 2009, my baby cousin born! She’s the first cousin I have from my dad’s brothers, so I was really excited about her birth.

The first time I hold her in my arms it was almost 10 days after he birth. It was an amazing feeling: a sweet baby girl, with big blue eyes dressed with a pinky suit and covered with a small blanket. Ιt was amazing! I was 15 years old and she was 10 days old! We almost have the same DNA! Our dads are twins!

3 days old Nefeli 🙂

A year later, I couldn’t have missed her first birthday! Only a year after her birth she walks, runs, dances, singing (with her own way :P) and doing so many things! My little Nefeli is growing so fast! In some years she will be in my age and I’ll be 15 years older…She will seem like my younger sister, as my uncle says!

1 year old Nefeli 🙂

– DS



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