Listen, Feel, Live

Maybe some of you, many times have felt that when you can’t say something with words, your heart <<speaks>> for you and words are replaced by feelings.

Sometimes this fact happens with the songs, too. Some people love listening to english songs, althought the don’t know english, like my dad does ! But for this isn’t difficult, ’cause I know english. But I do something that other people in my age don’t do: explore the world by listening to music !

Back in May 2010, I was watching with my mum, the semi-finals of Eurovision 2010. In the 2nd semi-final, I listen for the first time a tourkish band named maNga, singing in english a song that now I love very much ! «We Could Be The Same» is a song that I really wanted to win the contest ! Unfortunately, in the final of Eurovision 2010, maNga came 2nd after Germany’s stupid song.

For me, maNga is the real winner !

Last month, I wanted to do something different and I searched for maNga discography. I found that all the other songs of the band were in tourkish, a totaly foreign language for me. But as I like doing different things from the others (I’m unique !), I started listening to their song. Result: NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS BAND !!! That’s the point that only the feeling can describe !

Even I don’t know tourkish, maNga now is one of my favorite bands ! And one of my favorite songs is «Bitti Rüya» which means «The Dream Is Over» !


– DS



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